“‘The most pro-Israel American president’ would shed no tears if Israel was destroyed

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The above is a link to an article stating that the Obama Administration has informed the Iranian government indirectly that the United States will not support an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if Iran does not use the strike as a pretext to harm American interests in the Persian Gulf.

This comes after months of administration leaks designed to deter the Israelis from attacking that also have the effect of jeopardizing the success of an attack should the Israelis, despite the Administration’s objections, consider it necessary. The most obvious and outrageous of these, which appeared in American newspapers several months ago, was that Azerbaijan, which abuts the Caspian Sea not far from Iran, had agreed to allow Israeli aircraft to refuel on the return trip from Iran to Israel. The practical effect of this is that Israeli planes could replace some of the fuel they would otherwise need with additional weaponry, thereby increasing the chances of the mission’s success. The Iranian mullahs read American newspapers. In this particular instance they learned that one way of reducing the effectiveness of an Israeli attack would be to take out Azerbaijani airfields immediately after learning that an attack had begun or was imminent.

Another leak revealed that the United States would supply Israel with “bunker buster” bombs it lacked if it delayed an attack until after the American election.

The reason Obama does not want Israel to attack Iran before the election is that an attack might cause Iran to shut down the Straits of Hormuz. This would probably cause gasoline prices in the United States to spike, and the dissatisfaction this would generate might reduce the chances of Obama’s re-election.

Ponder the implications of this: the President of the United States is willing to risk the lives of seven million Israelis (one million of them Arab) to advance his own interests, which he conflates with America’s. The callousness and disregard for human life this reveals are staggering. It is further proof, if any more is needed, of Obama’s hostility to the state of Israel. That this hostility comes from a man who has stated publicly that he is the most pro-Israel of all American presidents since Truman suggests either extraordinary cynicism and dishonesty or psychological derangement. He has also claimed to know more about Judaism than any other American president — a claim that would be laughable if it weren’t consistent with all the other preposterous statements Obama has made that exponentially inflate his intelligence and knowledge.

The only question that remains in my mind is whether Obama would alert the Iranians of an attack if he learned of it before it began; one trusts that the Israelis have considered this possibility and prior to an attack would pass on disinformation to the United States should they decide — if they have not decided already — that the pathetic sanctions Obama and the Europeans have imposed have not worked, and that in a legitimate act of self-defense they must do whatever they can to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability. Iran’s intention to destroy Israel has been stated so many times that only the willfully ignorant could deny it.

What all of this reveals about Obama is consistent with what is shown in the superb movie “2016: Obama’s America,” namely that the President is an arrogant, duplicitous, and hopelessly self-referential left-wing ideologue who shrewdly played on the (unwarranted) racial guilt of white Americans to secure the White House, from which he would continue in a second term what he began in the first, namely the destruction of America as we know it and its replacement by a dysfunctional social democracy in which individual achievement is scorned, reverse racial discrimination enshrined in law in perpetuity, and the military weakened to the point where our very national security is endangered. Obama’s campaign thus far — with its baseless accusations or murder and felonious behavior against Governor Romney — is the work of Chicago thugs who obviously have been given a green light by the current occupant of the highest office in the land.

In more ways than there is space on this website to enumerate — the most recent issue of National Review provides 689 reasons not to re-elect him — Barack Obama is a disgrace is our country.*

*The 690th is the revolting comparison earlier today by the head of the California Democratic Party of GOP Vice-Presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, to the Nazi propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels.

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