Anthony Weiner Exposes Himself Again

• November 12, 2012 • Uncategorized

Former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, who resigned more than one year ago over a sexting scandal, has re-entered the political world exposing himself as the shameless opportunist he has always been.  It was widely reported that he tweeted a moving You Tube video about the extensive damage in the Rockaways caused by Hurricane Sandy.  It was also reported that Weiner has been “volunteering in the Rockaways with Chelsea Clinton and his wife Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” 

However, according to my coworker, Sheryl, Weiner has been using the devastation for photo-ops and has not lifted a shovel to help the victims . She has been trekking down to the Rockaways with a truck full of food, coats, clothing items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, strollers, baby supplies and many more items that the unfortunate residents desperately need.  This angel, as well as hundreds of good people, have been pouring in from outside communities to help with the relief effort out of the goodness of their hearts as our elected officials are nowhere to be found. But wasn’t Anthony Weiner and his entourage there to help out? Read on.

Saint Francis de Sales Church and School at 129th Street in Far Rockaway, without power and heat themselves, has been in the forefront of the efforts to rebuild the community. They have allowed volunteers and relief organizations to use their school as a disaster relief center. While Sheryl was delivering disaster supplies, she observed a long line of residents waiting patiently for hours for much needed supplies. They watched as a black limousine pulled up to the Church and much to everyone’s surprise, Anthony Weiner and Chelsea Clinton jumped out. They popped open the trunk and grabbed some mops, brooms and shovels and then posed for a picture with the priest. Then they hopped back into their limo and drove off to new location for another photo-op. The astonished victims were outraged by this crass display of political opportunism, while Rockaway residents are still suffering with total devastation and chaos. There is no power, no heat, homes destroyed, lives lost, and nowhere to go for help. There is no one in charge directing the relief operations, like Mayor Giuliani who took the lead in the devastation of 9/11 and set up a command center to direct the flow of disaster aid and recovery.  Anthony Weiner is a fraud who should be banned from political office for the rest of his life.   

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