New Study Reveals Global Warming Less Than Feared

• January 26, 2013 • Uncategorized

Good news on the environmental front — according to a a report from Science Daily global warming is less extreme than feared:

After Earth’s mean surface temperature climbed sharply through the 1990s, the increase has leveled off nearly completely at its 2000 level. Ocean warming also appears to have stabilised somewhat, despite the fact that CO2 emissions and other anthropogenic factors thought to contribute to global warming are still on the rise.

Democracy Project has reported on climate scientist’s attempts to manipulate data for some time. From the British Climate Research Unit’s literal making up of data (which Al Gore republished to the world in his Nobel-prize winning An Inconvenient Truth) to show the Earth was warming to that same unit’s “revising” its data to show that the Earth is now “cooling,”, all scientific data that uses modeling must be looked at with a grain of salt. To predict the actions of the Earth is to play God, and if there is anything that we can gather from the new report from Science Daily is that there is still much to learn about the climate of our Earth, and what’s most important is to be good and proper stewards of the bounty that God provided for us.

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