Nassau County Human Rights Censor

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The fraudulent interfaith community has launched a coordinated attack to shut down the April 14th breakfast event at Great Neck Synagogue featuring Pamela Geller and Greg Buckley, Sr.  What makes this so appalling is that this wonderful event was planned and executed to enable Greg Buckley, Sr. to tell the story of his son’s tragic insider murder by jihadists in Afghanistan, to shine the spotlight on the plight of our brave young soldiers and military families and their demand for respect and justice from our government, which has so far been denied.

First Vice President of the Islamic Center of Long Island, Habeeb Ahmed has been mobilizing a lynch mob of local liberal activists and community organizations to harass Rabbi Polakoff from Great Neck Synagogue with 100’s of phone calls, demanding he cancel the event or protests will ensue. Mr. Ahmed is also Commissioner of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission. It is an absolute disgrace that a man of public office should roll out a campaign of intimidation and censorship because he objects to the viewpoint of one of the speakers.

See the explicit email documentation at Atlas Shrugs and TrentoVision. This is proof of the devious tactics that the enemies of human rights and free speech are using. Commissioner Ahmed is using the imprimatur of his public office to censor Pamela Geller’s and Greg Buckley, Sr.’s freedom of speech as well as those who wish to come and hear them!

 We promise you that the Great Neck Synagogue Men’s Club will not stop this event for the nefarious agenda of a few local thugs and bullies. In response Rabbi Polakoff has issued the following statement:

“Great Neck Synagogue rejects the categorizing of any religious majority based on the actions of a minority. It does though believe that it is absolutely appropriate to speak about the actions of such a minority and to evaluate their impact on the perception of the majority of their co-religionists, and on the community in general. It is within such a framework that the Men’s Club has invited Pamela Geller to speak. She will be joined by Greg Buckley, Sr. father of Marine Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr, who was murdered by Jihadists”

To all our freedom loving friends, the word is out now. So now you’ve all got the go ahead! Please feel free to spread this message far and wide, of this malfeasance and censorship, and let’s gather in force at Great Neck Synagogue on April 14. We need to assemble a big crowd inside as well as outside with flags and signs: “We will not be silent against jihad,” “Commissioner Ahmed must resign!” “We will not be censored!” “Support Israel, Defeat Jihad,” and “Justice for LCpl Buckley”  etc.

We also need to call Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and tell him that Commissioner Ahmed of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission is calling on the public to harass the Rabbi of Great Neck Synagogue and shut down the event honoring the grieving father of a U.S. Marine murdered in an insider terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

Please call Executive Ed Mangano – 516 571-3131 – and demand that he investigate and dismiss HRC Commissioner Habeeb Ahmed now for his reprehensible actions as a public official!

Stay tuned for more to come as we unite and organize for this decisive event!

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  1. Ross Calloway on March 29th, 2013 8:24 am

    Remember the good old days when there was freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

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