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• December 5, 2013 • Uncategorized

The resolution approved by the American Studies Association supporting a boycott of Israeli educational institutions is yet another example of the hypocrisy, dishonesty, malevolence, and outright bigotry rampant among the left in American academia today.

 The resolution’s supporters claim — oh so piously! – to be concerned for the academic freedom of Palestinian Arabs. Yet they are mute — totally mute! — about the millions of Syrian children denied their right to an education by a brutal civil war, fought next-door to Israel, in which over 125, 000 persons, many thousands of them students, have been killed.

Nor do they appear to give a damn about the Coptic Christians in Egypt who have been denied places in Egyptian colleges and universities. Or about the homosexuals and Bahais in Iran who not only can’t receive an education but are stoned to death.  On all of this the resolution is silent.

Instead, they attack only Israel, which treats its Arab minority infinitely better than Arab countries treat their ethnic and religious minorities.

The resolution is a moral outrage and clear evidence that the American Studies Association inhabits a moral and intellectual sewer.

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