Email to Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University

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Dear President Bollinger: I have read your op-ed in today’s NY Times defending the use of race in college admissions. To give preference to some on the basis of race is necessarily to discriminate against others on the basis of race. Your advocacy of racial preferences means that you are an advocate of racial discrimination [...]

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A Standing Ovation for a Genocidal Bigot

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What follows is the commentary by Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars and a wonderfully articulate and courageous critic of  the pernicious idiocies of political correctness in the academy, on what transpired at a dinner hosted by the Iranian delegation to the United Nations in New York this past September, at which some [...]

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A Sad Day for the Republic

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America was not the only loser last night.  So were the virtues parents try to instill in their children — honesty, courage, personal responsibility, modesty, courtesy, compassion, and a respect for truth. Last night two good and decent men were defeated by two vile and indecent men: one a megalomaniacal, arrogant, discourteous, publicly foul-mouthed, condescending, [...]

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My Dinner with Mahmoud

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What follows is a letter I sent today to the Central Recorder, the student newspaper at Central Connecticut State University, in New Britain CT., where I teach history. The letter was written in response to an article in the paper describing the dinner in New York last month, hosted by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, [...]

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“‘The most pro-Israel American president’ would shed no tears if Israel was destroyed

Posted on September 3, 2012 - Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment,2506,L-4276276,00.html The above is a link to an article stating that the Obama Administration has informed the Iranian government indirectly that the United States will not support an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if Iran does not use the strike as a pretext to harm American interests in the Persian Gulf. This comes after [...]

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An Absence of Courage and Character

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There is now considerable evidence, reported by Jan Crawford on “Face the Nation” last Sunday, and by others as well, that Chief Justice John Roberts changed his opinion in the Obamacare decision because he feared that the Supreme Court would be damaged — the way it supposedly was after Bush v. Gore in 2000 –if [...]

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P.S. to my Jerusalem Post op-ed on the Munich analogy and the 5P + 1 talks

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The appeasers, whatever their failings, which were considerable, were nonetheless not hypocrites and liars. Neville Chamberlain never claimed he was acting on Czechoslovakia’s behalf: that it somehow would be better off without half its territory and population. In his policy on the Middle East, President Obama, by contrast, claims to be acting not only in [...]

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The Munich Analogy and the P5 + 1 Talks on Iran

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My most recent op-ed, this one In the Jerusalem Post (June 4, 2012): As a professional historian, I normally do not place much stock in historical analogies. They usually obscure and confuse more than they clarify. But in the case of the recent P5 + 1 talks in Baghdad that will resume in Moscow [...]

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Symposium on Putin

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The text of a symposium that appeared online today in Frontpage Magazine on the current prime minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in which I was among the participants, can be accessed at:

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Muslim Cab Drivers and Religious Liberty

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The article below by Mark Steyn, which appears on the National Review website [], show very well the authoritarian temperament of President Obama, who complained recently about the restraints the constitution imposes on his freedom of action. One can only hope that the institutions of our government — the congress and the judiciary — can [...]

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