Nassau County Human Rights Censor

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The fraudulent interfaith community has launched a coordinated attack to shut down the April 14th breakfast event at Great Neck Synagogue featuring Pamela Geller and Greg Buckley, Sr.  What makes this so appalling is that this wonderful event was planned and executed to enable Greg Buckley, Sr. to tell the story of his son’s tragic [...]

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The Battle for Chavez’ Legacy

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Perhaps nobody can write of the despicable legacy of Hugo Chavez better than DP friend and Human Rights Foundation President Thor Halvorssen. As a member of the Venezuela diaspora, Halvorssen has been battling Chavez’ thugs since he came to power, and his mother was even shot by them. In this excellent article in Reason Magazine, [...]

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Open Letter to CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein

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I sent the following letter to Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, Brooklyn College officials, and local Councilmembers calling for Brooklyn College President Karen Gould, and Political Science Dept. Chairperson Paisley Currah to be fired. It was also published as an open letter on FrontPageMag. As one reader astutely pointed out “Larry Summers was fired as President of [...]

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An American Patriot: Ambassador Mark Palmer

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The day I met Ambassador Mark Palmer was a whirlwind — he stopped by Hudson Institute in 2003 with an idea — to put the ideas set forth in his brilliant book, Breaking the Real Axis of Evil into law. Mark was that way, a bit like the Tasmanian Devil with a bow-tie — he [...]

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A Wobbly Choice

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There is no better summary of President Obama’s view of American foreign policy and the use of our nation’s power in this century than the nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Like John Kerry, Hagel is a decorated Vietnam veteran who can no longer stomach the sight of war. He’d [...]

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Sad Day for the Republic

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Many conservatives and libertarians don’t like the United States Postal Service (USPS), but my response to them has always been, “at least it’s in the Constitution.” “Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, empowers Congress ‘To establish Post Offices and post Roads.’” So much of what our Federal Government participates in [...]

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Letter to the anti-Semites at Brooklyn College

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The following excellent letter, written by Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, City University of New York Trustee, was originally slated to be published as an op-ed in the New York Post, but was cancelled when all available space went to memorialize Ed Koch. The letter was written to the administration at Brooklyn College in response to the upcoming [...]

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$1,300 Chicken Coops and the Quest for Authenticity

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Today’s Wall Street Journal carries a story, “Backyard Farming Gets Fancy,” on yet another politically acceptable form of conspicuous consumption: backyard farming, suburban style. Do you suffer from a nagging fear that friends find you passe’, predictable, or even (gasp) inauthentic? Are you bored by the ease with which you can procure all the products you [...]

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New Study Reveals Global Warming Less Than Feared

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Good news on the environmental front — according to a a report from Science Daily global warming is less extreme than feared: After Earth’s mean surface temperature climbed sharply through the 1990s, the increase has leveled off nearly completely at its 2000 level. Ocean warming also appears to have stabilised somewhat, despite the fact that [...]

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Celebrity Hypocrities

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There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of sanctimonious Hollywood liberals who want to take your guns away after a disaster like the Sandy Hook school massacre, but they so often forget that they make their money as shoot-them-up cops or robbers in the movies. Well, one movie maker on Youtube doesn’t let them [...]

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